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Verisante Aura™ is a revolutionary non-invasive Raman spectroscopy system designed to aid medical professionals in the detection of skin cancer. The system provides valuable information by identifying spectral changes associated with the biochemistry of skin cancer cells in less than a second; providing immediate results.

Jointly developed by the BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, this patent protected technology has already been used in a human clinical study spanning six years on approximately 1,000 lesions. Clinical results published in 2012 showed the technology offers a statistically significant improvement in the detection of skin cancer. This diagnostic tool will greatly aid healthcare professionals, lowering healthcare costs through reduced wait times and helping to facilitate early detection.

Verisante Aura™ will help to automate the current process of diagnosis, allowing rapid scanning of the 20-40 skin lesions on at-risk individuals. Patients will no longer need to suffer through long wait times to see a dermatologist, as scans may be accomplished quickly by trained technicians or assistants. Verisante Aura™ will decrease patient wait times, thereby increasing the standard of care; while also decreasing healthcare costs by detecting skin cancer in its early, most easily treatable stages.

Verisante has brought together a product development team lead by award-winning pioneers in the field of cancer imaging and we also have world renowned experts in early cancer detection involved with our technical and medical team.

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