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Skin Cancer
Skin cancer

Skin Cancer Facts

The Importance of Early Detection

The survival rate of patients diagnosed with early stage skin cancer is about 99% while the survival rate for patients diagnosed with advanced stage skin cancer is only about 15%. Treatment costs are directly correlated to clinical stage diagnosis with the treatment of advanced stage melanoma 2200% more than early stage melanoma.

The annual cost of treating skin cancer in the United States is estimated at $2.5 billion.

Early detection is therefore critical because it allows for more treatment options, higher survival rates and fewer costly, invasive surgeries.

Addressing the current problems with Skin Cancer Detection

In Canada there are only 552 dermatologists serving a population of approximately 34 million, and in the United states the number of certified dermatologists is approximately 9,496 serving a population of over 310 million. With the aging demographic, the number of qualified dermatologists and an increasing number of at risk patients is resulting in an increasing ratio of patients to dermatologists. There are too few dermatologists to the number of skin cancer patients, which results in long wait times and lack of detail in the diagnosis of skin cancers.

Furthermore, the current diagnosis of skin cancer by visual exam, followed by a biopsy, is invasive, expensive, and time consuming.

Verisante Aura™ addresses both of these problems by offering a device that can quickly, efficiently and accurately be used to detect all forms of skin cancer.

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